Strategic Advisory

Success is not an event, but a process...

Achievement in extreme environments requires innovation, strategy, and execution; balanced by trusted judgment.  Whether entering new markets, capturing new business, or growing current opportunities; our proven methodology provides the foundation to achieve objectives and deliver success.  At X8 we understand the requirement for growth, and we create the strategies to enable it.



Our strategic advisory provides the people, process, and tools required to safely guide clients to achievement in extreme business environments.  Delivering the experience and judgement needed to create and execute strategically focused plans that balance short-term goals in context with long-term objectives.

Our proven methodology enables the creation of actionable strategies for business growth.  Providing a framework that focuses available resources on accomplishing short-term objectives, assuring the timely completion of mission objectives.

Providing an environment within which the experience, and leadership required to independently sustain long-term success can safely be developed.  Continually challenging clients to remember,
 ...there's more outside the box.  


Service Offerings

  • Business Assessment and Strategic Planning
  • Market, Technology,  and Competitive Strategy
  • Pipeline Development , Qualification and Closure
  • Opportunity and Infrastructure Modeling
  • Partnering, Teaming , and Licensing Implementation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Due Diligence