Recognized Vision

Vision is not just about what you see, but how you see it...

Real success requires means balancing achievement with risk, meeting objectives and expectations on schedule and budget.  It requires looking beyond current experience to what might be possible, while guiding others to the same see the same perspective.

 At X8 we work with clients to find new ways of conquering difficult tasks, and enable them to achieve in extreme enviroments.  We use our Vision to them possibilites rather than obstacles.  As a result they grow in ability to take on greater challanges than they imagined themselves capable of.

 We pride ourselves in the reputation we have built guiding customers to success.  Using our Vision we show them a route to see old problems from a new perspective, enabling them to conqueur challanges rather than turn back.

 Using Vision to Change Perspectives    

  Our client was use to dealing in a value added reseller environement that included traditional original equipment manufacuteres (OEMs).  The changing market place has made it difficult for them to compete given the declining product margins and volume requirements for gain meaningful discounts.  At the same time the capabilites offered by the OEMs have become increasingly commoditized.  Previously the client have fought to maintain acceptable margins based on the solutions and terms offered by the OEMs, providing limited ability to differentiate them in the customers mind.  The result was continued decline in sales and profit.

  Using our experience we were able to identify an path forward that let the client leverege the opportunites provided by non-traditional build to order OEMs.  Using the unique offerings provided by several new partners we enabled them to construct leading edge solutions that were not obtainable from the traditional OEM's.  The result was provided them with both a technical differeniator, but significant increase to thier margin moving forward.  The increased margin gave them even greater opportunity to be competitive and invest in risk reduction for their customers.  The visionary approach provided them a platform to serve as a path forward as the look for new growth opportunites.


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