Proven Process


Success is not an event, but rather a process...

True success is achieved by converging people, process, training, and tools to overcome challenging problems.  It requires pushing people and organizations to move from what they think they are capable of, to what they believe they are capable of.

We work with clients to implement our proven, flexible process for achievement in demanding environments.  We focus on planning for success and understanding what may go wrong, and developing options for both.  We minimize risks by ensuring options are understood, and out clients are prepared to use them as situations change.

Success is not just about getting to the top, it requires getting back down safely.  There is no guarantee of success, but the risk of failure can be managed.  The result ensures our clients have the confidence to pursue challenges otherwise considered to be beyond an acceptable risk/rewards threshold.

 Guiding Clients to Success.    

  Our client was preparing to compere for strategic IT Service Management contract within the federal market space.  An incumbent on the previous contract, they were concerned about the additional work being consolidated into the new effort.  The size and scope of the contract effort required significant planning and preparation in a number of new service areas they were not familiar with.  The overall pursuit would require them to dedicate a significant portion of there  personnel and financial resources to the effort.

  Using our process we guided them to developing a solution that provided the end-user customer with a clearly defined cost advantage as compared to the competition.  Our process was used to develop a strategy that changed the clients thinking from "writing a proposal that was based on a compelling technical and management response", to "writing a proposal that was based on their cost volume, and used the technical and management volumes to describe advantages of the solution offered.  The result was an single, cost plus award that resulted in adding and additional $6 billion USD to their backlog.

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