Trusted Experience


Leadership requires breaking new ground for others to follow...

We are not known by what we do, but by the integrity and leadership demonstrated in doing it.  Our clients trust us with the well being of their people and businesses, trusting they can safely move forward along the path we have put in place.  We are never on a journey alone, we always remember that getting everyone to the same destination safely is mandatory for success.

At X8 we work with out clients to find new ways of achieve difficult tasks, and enable them to achieve in new environments.  We use our vision to enable them to see the possibilities rather than the obstacles.  The result allows them to grow and take on even greater challenges than they imagined themselves being capable of.

We pride ourselves in the reputation we have built guiding our customers to success.  Using our Vision we enable to our clients to see old problems from a new perspective, enabling them to conquer challenges rather than turn back.

 Leading from the Front:    

  Our client was looking to grow their presence and a new an emerging market. They new there were options, but the cost of entry was viewed as to high based on the current business model.  There understanding of the market was limited and no appreciable past experience existed with in the client.  Growth would require a radical approach through acquisition of existing market share with a strong enough portfolio to minimize potential revenue loss normal experienced. 

  Using our market understand and experience we developed a business plan that would provide a stable platform from which they could build a new business.  We were able to use our background to identify an acquisition opportunity that had been overlooked by others in the market, and a purchase strategy that would minimize the purchase and integration risk.  The strategy resulted in a successful acquisition the was able to close in a minimum time that was consistent with the clients business plan and shareholder expectations. 

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