Xtreme ™ Methodology


The Xtreme Methodology is based on an understanding that winning proposals start with a clear and compeling offer that is communicated to the sponsor in a manner consistent with their evaluation crieteria. Achieving this objective requires a re-directed focus on the three procecess (Estimating, Resoucing, and Pricing) that form the basis of the solution, and the capture strategy that drives them. Together, these four processes form the basis of Offer Mangment, and are used to drive the contents of the required proposal volumes. The outcome is a proposal submission that provides the evaluator with the convincing and compelling techncial approach, demonstrates the credibility and resonableness of the proposed cost, and provides the appropriate rationale to properly monetize each “best value” item offered.

Traditionally, capture and proposal management methodologies focus the majority of effort on the creation and production of the proposal’s technical and management volumes. The driver for this approach was a “Systems Integration” business model that viewed the content of these two volumes as the “technical solution”. Under this model the content of these volumes was used to drive the assignment of resources, and ultimately the cost of the proposed solution. The outcome of this approach, more times than not, was the submission of a superior technical solution that lost based on cost.  

Xtreme™ is based on the recognition that winning in a highly cost sensitive, performance-based acquisition environment begins and ends with price. Our experience has shown that success requires a methodology and tools that allow component parts of the solution (the Effort Schedule, the Basis of Estimate, the Resource Schedule, the Rate Schedule, and the Assignment Schedule) to be tracked and managed in a dynamic fashion. Xtreme™ allows for the gaming and modeling of changes to the elements of the bid as necessary, supporting the capture team’s ability to optimize the proposed cost based on targeted constraints. Xtreme™ provides the framework for collection, analysis, tracking, and management of information over the capture life-cycle, enabling the creation of a Solution Strategy that delivers and increased P-Win over traditional approaches.