Solution Engineering

Success is not about obstacles, but overcoming them....

It is built from challenging the perception of what is possible in order to create innovative solutions to challenging problems.  It is requires balancing experience and judgment with imagination to focus on achieving outcomes based on the journey and not the obstacle.  We recognize the need for tools that enable options based on the economics of the environment at hand.

X8 provides innovative solutions for overcoming complex business obstacles.  We provide computing, storage, and communications solutions that achieve expectations while reducing operations and maintenance costs.  Our approach ensures clients have a stable path forward that is capable scaling to support current operations and long term growth.  The result allows clients to focus on the business, and not the infrastructure used by it.

Our approach provides a foundation for designing, integrating, testing, and delivering solutions that are scalable to support the needs of small businesses to large scale enterprises. We utilize innovative technologies to deliver functional solutions that enable customers to reduce both operating and capitalization expenses. The result is a foundation that allows clients to compete in environments that they previously considered outside their ability support.




Service Offerings

  • High Performance Computing
  • Storage and Virtualization
  • Mobile and Secure Communications–
  • Enterprise Procurement –
  • Bid Data Analytics