Offer Management

Success is not a solo activity...

It is built from individual contribution, moderated by teamwork.  It is based on leadership, experience, and planning, focused on a common goal in the midst of a constantly evolving landscape.  Getting to the top requires a committed team working towards a single objective.  We understand the requirements for execution, and provide the plans to achieve it.

Our Offer Management service provides clients with the leadership and experience required to enable creation of proposal solutions that increase the probability of winning targeted strategic opportunities.  Allowing clients to maximize the velocity of both revenue and profit growth.


Our process provides a foundation for designing, estimating, staffing, and pricing strategic solutions in a  commoditized, price sensitive service marketplace.  Maximizing the ability to quickly react to changes in the technical, competitive, and cost environment.  Creating a controlled plan that minimizes pre, and post award execution risks.   


Service Offerings

  • Competitive Strategy and Teaming
  • Capture and Business Management –
  • Communications and Black Hat Facilitation –
  • Solution Design, Modeling, and Staffing –
  • Pricing Strategy and Optimization