Expertise and Experience

X8 Solutions, Inc. provides commercial and government clients with solutions that deliver momentum in extreme business environments. The X8 methodology positions our clients to increase the probability of winning and retaining business by implementing smart, repeatable strategies. Our approach is based on time-proven leadership principles practiced in the extreme environment of mountaineering. We converge people, processes, and tools to meet or exceed our client's objectives on schedule and on budget on the way to the top. Our methodology provides the foundation for balancing achievement and risk by developing comprehensive strategies for action. Ensuring that:

  • Every undertaking has a clearly defined objective
  • Individual contribution is integrated with the team accomplishment to increase success.
  • Every team has the leadership in place to make critical decisions.
  • Every leader understands responsibility for their team.
  • Every member of the team recognizes that getting to the top is only half of the trip.

Our services provide clients with the leadership and experience required to enable creation of solutions that increase the probability of winning targeted strategic business. Allowing clients to maximize the velocity of both revenue and profit growth. Our process provides a foundation for designing, implementing, and operating strategic solutions in a commoditized, price sensitive marketplace. Maximizing the ability to quickly react to changes in the technical, competitive, and cost environment, while minimizing execution risks. At X8 we lead from the front, knowing that our success is judged by the success of our clients.