Sustained Achievement

Its not just about winning, it winning in a manner that support overall objectives...

We take our job seriously, and recognize the importance of the trust customers place in us and our work.  Since 2008 we have worked to bring the right expertise at the right time to guide our customers to success.  Our interaction with clients and the results they have realized has led us to create a reputation as the preferred partner for conquering challenging objectives.  Our staff is chosen for their expertise, ability to put the client first, and commitment to their success.  Our clients success has generated a reputation for integrity that has made us the trusted partner for success. 

Client Growth

We measure our success not by our win rate, but by our clients growth.  Our objective is to ensure clients meet the revenue and profitability objectives necessary to support continued investment in the market.  To achieve this we guide them in aligning their current organization, developing new contracts and sales opportunities, and facilitating the acquisition process in a manner consistent with the objectives.  Since 2008 we have taken the lead in the preparation customer bids, development of new technology solutions and delivery processes, and the acquisition and sale of strategic business units.  As a result our customers have gained over $11B in new single award contract revenue, and over $13B in total contract value.  We have successfully facilitated the acquisition of strategic business units as large as $600M, and developed technology solutions that have enabled continued client growth. 



Typical Engagement

Engagements come in varying size and complexity, from the large multi-year endeavors to small single-task oriented requirements.  Our clients contact based on our referrals from other clients, and the results we have achieved for them.  In a recent engagement we were contacted by the client who was undergoing restructuring after recently being acquired.  As a result of the restructuring their bid and proposal department was reduced from 30+ personnel to a staff of 3.  During the midst of the restructuring they needed to respond to 2 major contract re-competes that would require three significant proposal efforts.  We began the effort with two consultants, as the effort matured and the need for additional expertise was required we added 7 additional staff to support the client.  During this engagement we were called upon to guide them protesting an effort prepared by their legacy staff, enabling the to continue be considered for award.  The entire effort ran for 8 months with varying levels of support based on the client requirements and acquisition schedules.  We worked closely with the client to minimize the cost impacts of delayed acquisition schedules and continued losses of client subject matter expertise.  Both efforts are still in the source selection phase.