Containerized Data Center

 Performance and Mobility

Our containerized data center packs nearly 4,000 square foot data center into a compact 320 square foot container. It provides a traditional data center look and feel while housing servers with up to 2,880 nodes or 57.6 petabytes of storage capacity, and up to 43,200 processing cores. All IT equipment is accessible via a shared 8-foot aisle for streamlined serviceability.

Its innovative and practical design integrates up to 400VAC/480VAC power capacity with patented VCT cooling. Depending upon the setting, conditions, and configuration chosen, our solution can save considerable energy use compared to a traditional data center facility. Where conditions permit, it can use external temperatures to reduce cooling costs.

Containerized Data Center 

It ships to a site fully integrated and tested in a matter of weeks and offers very high density in the smallest available footprint. The open architecture and design provides complete customization capability. The Containerized Data Center can be configured with our servers and storage blades cross compatible with our BladeRack platforms in addition to supportinng a wide range of other equipment from of ther vendors.



 Modular, portable data center operates in extreme temperatures, indoors, outdoors on a slab, or outdoors on rugged terrain, and delivers better energy efficiency than traditional brick and mortar data centers through patented VCT cooling.

  • Deploys fully integrated data center space to remote locations quickly
  • Offers high density in the smallest available footprint
  • Provides complete configuration customization through open architecture and design
  • Minimizes up front capital expenditures and maximizes investment flexibility
  • Reduces operating expenses through an innovative cooling technology that supports N, N+1, and 2N power and cooling redundancy.



40' x 8' x 9.5'


Up to 67,000 lbs. (typical)


Up to 2,880 nodes


57.6 petabytes


Up to 43,200 processing cores


350k Watts

 Power Choices

400VAC / 480VAC

 Energy Efficiency

PUE Excluding Chiller Load: <1.05
PUE Including Chiller Load: 1.2 - 1.3


Vertical Cooling Technology and refrigerant-based heat exchange using externally chilled water


Options include integrated UPS, dual power feeds, and redundant cooling

 Fire Detection/ Suppression

Certified incipient stage aspirating smoke detector and FM-200 gas-based suppression

 Remote Management

Comprehensive remote monitoring capabilities programmable to existing building control systems


Patented design allows for easy serviceability in extreme conditions


Optional security features range from standard locks to motion sensors, video cameras, keypad entry and biometrics.